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With our 3-step menu, you can make whatever combination inspires you. We provide a diverse range of healthy food options, whether you’re a strict vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover. The 3 steps (base, favourites and sauce) are so versatile that no one will miss out on their favourite Asian take-away. It also means you get to pick what suits your tastes and pay for nothing more, and nothing less.

Eat in and enjoy your order, or bag a take-away to go. Our 3-step menu was designed to help you make the perfect choice on the go, quickly and easily, so that you can be in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s cooked on the spot. The freshest ingredients go directly from the wok to your box in less than 5 minutes. And while you wait, you can enjoy the flashy show of your food being cooked. It’s sure to keep you entertained.

Only the highest quality ingredients make it into the wok. Our specialised restaurant strives to bring you the freshest, most nutritious meals this side of Soho.